10 Creepy Reasons Climate Change Is Starting To Look Like A Religion

Since the beginning of Earth’s existence, the climate has changed. It has been influenced by the sun, geological factors, ecological factors, and perhaps even preternatural events (comets, asteroids, and the like). But recently, largely due to the consequences of the industrial revolution, man’s impact on the climate has come into sharp focus. It is now […]

Weird News Roundup: Craziest Stories You Probably Missed This Week (9/21/19)

Welcome back to another week of strange stories, curious chronicles, and aberrant anecdotes. If you missed last week’s list, you can catch it here. There are two poop stories this week, although they are significantly different. One highlights a pigeon with great comedic timing while the other explores a scientific experiment designed to see if […]

10 Heartwarming Stories Of Pets Who Survived Natural Disasters (Videos)

Animals have an uncanny ability to know when a natural disaster is about to strike. Sometimes, they run away or hide, and their humans have no way of finding them in time to evacuate. More often than not, a pet owner has no choice but to leave their animals behind in order to save themselves. […]

Police Arrest Squirrel, Just One Of 10 Crazy Squirrel Facts And Tales

Squirrels make cute cartoons and plush dolls. However, the real rodents glow pink, delay flights and get arrested. They gather mysteries like nuts; squirrel breeders are succumbing to a new virus and there was that purple creature nobody could explain. A dead squirrel was once purchased as art and the Prince of Wales wants to […]

60 Stunning Images of The Middle East That Will Make You Forget Its Violent Past

The Middle East was once thought of as a beautiful and exotic far-away land. But unfortunately for those of us alive in modern times, the term now conjures up images of war, terrorism, subjugation, and suffering. The vivid images of the Islamic Golden Age are now gone, and the exciting fantasies in “One Thousand And […]

Weird Stories You Probably Missed This Week (9/14/19)

With the weekend comes a look at some of the more unusual stories that hit the headlines this week. If you want to catch up on the previous list, you can do it here. This is a science-heavy week. Boffins have been busy researching lost continents, discovering interstellar visitors and finding the answer to “life, […]

Top 10 Incredibly Surreal Places on Earth

On a planet where the pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus are among the unchallenged greatest wonders of the world, it is often difficult to believe that such bizarre things as rainbow trees, polka-dotted lakes, and waterfalls of “blood” could even be possible. But venture into the most beautiful, surreal […]

Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Crocodilians

Caimans, crocodiles, and alligators are among Earth’s most successful reptiles. Despite being intensely studied, crocodilians manage to keep their mysteries. For some reason, insects love their tears and orange crocodiles are evolving in caves. The reptiles also hang around in trees, use pool noodles, and make for surprising mummies. While they continue to eat people […]