10 Great Things We Saw During The Australian Fire Crisis

Estimates suggest that up to a billion animals perished. The human lives lost are steadily climbing to 30. Millions of hectares. Countless homes. All consumed by one of the worst disasters in living memory. It’s difficult to believe that anything great emerged from the horrifying Australian 2019-2020 fire season. But with the last decade marred […]

16 Most Dangerous Volcanoes In The World

Scientists simplify things to help us laypeople understand volcanoes. The reality, of course, is more complicated. Every volcano is unique. Volcanologists must learn each individual “personality” and history when they try to help people living nearby. With limited resources, though, how do you choose which volcanoes to study? Here’s how. When the United Nations made […]

Top 10 Creepy Things Happening Inside China

China is ancient and beautiful. But cherry blossoms and the Great Wall aside, the country’s freakiest issues could harm its own population, the international community, and even unborn sacred leaders. See Also: 10 Ways You Are Ruled By Communist China There is a terrifying reason why China is never short of organ donors. Its social […]

8 Problems Math Solved For Us (No One Asked For)

Math is, understandably, a complicated subject to get a hang of. Most of us are simply not wired to do anything with a large amount of numbers, even if we’re intuitively mathematical beings. We’re adding, subtracting, multiplying and doing even more complicated equations in our heads all the time. It’s a problem, though, when that […]